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January 25, 2021
EEO-1 Report- What You Need to Know

In a recent announcement we learned that in April the EEOC will start to collect annual EEO-1 data from covered employers. Covered employers will have to file data for both 2019 and 2020, since the agency did not collect the 2019 data last year due to COVID-19. The EEO-1 requires employers to report on the racial/ethnic and gender composition of their workforce by specific job categories, referred to as component 1 data.

Under federal law, businesses with at least 100 employees and some federal contractors must file the EEO-1 form each year. The EEOC uses information about the number of women and minorities companies employ to support civil rights enforcement and analyze empl...

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October 01, 2020
How Can Employers Support Parents During COVID-19

How Can Employers Support Parents During COVID-19

It’s hard to believe we are six months into the pandemic, what a ride it has been. We have learned a lot of lessons and although it can seem like we have a rhythm down, there are still issues which are plaguing our teams. With all of the changes that came with COVID-19 one of the most impactful has been the increase of pressure on parents of school-aged children who now have to balance work while their child’s school is virtual due to COVID. It seems like it’s not really a Zoom call anymore unless a child bursts in asking a question that cannot wait (like ‘what’s for snack’, ‘do I have to d...

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